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Silver leaf nugget nails


I bought this silver stuff online. I didn’t know what it was called at all, so I Googled quite a bit. Eventually I found out they are called silver “nuggets”. Does anyone else have another name for them?

Thank goodness I found a tutorial on YouTube which shows how to apply this stuff. Here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AKy05_WZFs0. It was very helpful.

My silver “nugget” (it still doesn’t feel like the right name, but I’m just going to roll with it) came in a slightly different packaging. It was all scrunched up already, so I just ripped it up like she shows on the tutorial. Here is a pic of what mine looked like.

And here is what it looked like on the manicure:


I decided to use a metallic looking Sally Hansen for the base coat (Purple Potion). It’s purple and it shimmers blue. Quite retro, but I like it. I also topped it off with OPI top coat.

What do you think? I hope you like my mani 🙂


Author: Talia

I'm a South African who loves art and creativity. Did I mention I'm addicted to nail art?

11 thoughts on “Silver leaf nugget nails

  1. Looks good, was it difficult to apply?

  2. That looks nice! I also have that in ‘gold’. I’ve called it just foil 😉 Now I know how it’s called.

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