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Gradient glitter nails


I’ve been fascinated with the gradient nails that go from darker to lighter. When I first saw them I honestly thought people had different nail polishes for each nail, I was in awe! But, looking back I realise how silly that is. I found this mani surprisingly easy, although it uses quite a lot of nail polish because you have to mix it. I started with a very dark purple (Sally Hansen – Xtreme Wear “Flirt”) and mixed more and more white with it. Then at the end I sponged on some glitter (black and silver to the two darker nails and silver and clear polish to the lighter nails). Topped off with an OPI top coat. 🙂 Here it is…



What do you think?



Author: Talia

I'm a South African who loves art and creativity. Did I mention I'm addicted to nail art?

18 thoughts on “Gradient glitter nails

  1. Love this! The colours are gorgeous and I love the glitter 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on Embelladorn and commented:
    I love the glitter at the tips and the gradient you did. They look very pretty.

  3. Woah! I freaking love this!!!! Love the glitter and the colors! I want that chunky glitter stuff!

  4. Gorgeous!! Purple is my most favourite and this just hits the spot!

  5. Wops…. I still thought that they used different colors 😛

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