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“Wooden Shoe Like to Know” & Lace


I ordered some lace stickers and have been dying to use them. I used OPI’s Wooden Shoe Like to Know and a white nail art brush to do the stripes by hand. It’s a very simple manicure, but I like the way it turned out. What do you think?


Author: Talia

I'm a South African who loves art and creativity. Did I mention I'm addicted to nail art?

12 thoughts on ““Wooden Shoe Like to Know” & Lace

  1. What a good idea! Where can you order these lace stickers from?

  2. I ordered them from a Korean online shopping store called Gmarket (Google English Gmarket, then go categories, cosmetics, nail art and the top option), they do international shipping, but I’m not sure of the price. I’m sure you can find them in stores though 🙂

  3. Thank-you! I will give it a browse 🙂

  4. You are such a boss! Your nails look phenomenal!

  5. They are so beautiful! Hmm, think I need to go order some lace!

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