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Birthday Leopard Nails :)


Last Friday was my birthday, I was so lucky to get some polish pressies from my friend Nailart for funn.

I did a leopard print design on two accent nails. I love this polish, its Wet n Wild Fergie “Heels of Steel”. You almost don’t need two coats, it applies so nicely too 🙂

So, here it is 🙂

Photo 2013-01-25 12 06 22 PM Photo 2013-01-25 12 08 55 PM Photo 2013-01-25 12 11 04 PM


Author: Talia

I'm a South African who loves art and creativity. Did I mention I'm addicted to nail art?

6 thoughts on “Birthday Leopard Nails :)

  1. They look great! Nice work! Hope you are well rested from the Philippines! 🙂

  2. Hi there! Loving your blog, my name is Katie Elliott I am the creator of Tag a Trend.co.uk (www.tagatrend.co.uk) The website works like this: each week I announce a new fashion trend, and people then tag themselves on Facebook wearing that trend. This is done by tagging their picture with the Tag a Trend Facebook page.

    The other option is to directly add your pics to the facebook wall at http://www.facebook.com/TagATrend or to email pics to kte20@hotmail.com. The best pics then appear on my site.

    Next week’s trend, starting on Monday is ‘Leopard Print’ and as I can see you are loving the trend, I thought you might be interested in getting involved and tagging yourself in this fab print. The picture will appear on both my site and Facebook (both with a direct link back to your blog.)

    (As this new trend doesn’t start until Monday, it may be best to email pictures rather than tag, so they don’t get mixed up with this week’s trend of ‘Aztec Print’!)

    Look forward to hearing from you!

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