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It’s Christmas Challenge time, baby!


Hello Everyone!

I hope that you have all had a fantastic weekend (it seems that they go so quickly nowadays)!

Two other amazing bloggers and myself have come up with a really fun Christmas nail art challenge this year. We are super excited to get started and count down the days to Christmas. We wanted to make it manageable for other bloggers, so it’s not every single day of December (see the list below). Join For the Love of Nail Art, Polish Tickles and Beauty and me for a month of fun and creativity!


If you do join us, post your manis in our InLinkz group here. Grab the code and add it to your posts 🙂

Also, our Twitter tag is #ChristmasWithFLP  (if you are wondering, the FLP stands for For the Love of Nail Art, Lekker Lacquer, Polish Tickles and Beauty).

Hope to see all of your posts soon!


Author: Talia

I'm a South African who loves art and creativity. Did I mention I'm addicted to nail art?

4 thoughts on “It’s Christmas Challenge time, baby!

  1. Looks super fun! I’ll definitely be joining in 🙂

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