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New look blog.. new look nails!

So, I spent a large portion of this morning fiddling with my blog and trying to make it more user friendly. I changed my theme and made a new heading. My new theme allows drop down menus at the top. I really really like it! Look up at the top of the page to see it 🙂  I’m very happy with it. What do you think?

But why stop there? I also tried a new technique today. I’ve seen a tutorial on YouTube ages ago, but I decided to give it a try today. It’s called “spun sugar” nails, here is a tutorial that you can check out, but there are tons online.

I did a very simplistic, minimalistic design. I just used black and white. I painted a single line down the center of the nail in the opposite colour. Then I did the “spun sugar” technique alongside the solid line. I really like how it turned out. Do you?

blackandwhite2.jpg blackandwhite3.jpg blackandwhitenails.jpg