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Day 18 – Something classic

I decided to do a version of a French Manicure 🙂 I love French Manicures AND they are classic. This one didn’t turn out too Christmassy, I added some tape to try spice it up. But I realised that I don’t have red or green tape (Christmas colours).. But, I did my best and this is how it turned out 🙂

I used a Konad light pink that is very transparent as an undercoat, then I used tape and Sally Hansen White On to make a French manicure effect. After that I used blue and black tape and a lace black tape on one nail as an accent. That’s it! 🙂

Photo 2012-12-19 6 54 46 PM Photo 2012-12-19 7 00 29 PM

Photo 2012-12-19 6 57 26 PM Photo 2012-12-19 6 51 21 PM





Day 13 – Snow

Snow, snow, snow – there’s tons of it around here 🙂 In South Africa Christmas time is summer and it’s scorching hot. It’s my first white Christmas, so I’m happy to be doing this challenge.

I wanted to make each snowflake unique, so I didn’t use a stamp. I used a nail art pen and looked at a pictures I found on Google.

I used a random undercoat (It’s called Pastel, it was really cheap and I can’t remember where I got it) not a bad polish though. Then I drew on the snowflakes with a white nail art pen. And that’s it.. I hope you like it 🙂

Photo 2012-12-13 5 38 12 PM

Photo 2012-12-13 5 31 57 PM

Photo 2012-12-13 5 50 02 PM

Photo 2012-12-05 4 40 22 PM Photo 2012-12-05 4 40 28 PM

Outside my school.. It snowed a lot! 🙂