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Ombre nails

Here’s a simple manicure I did the other day. I struggled to do ombre nails at first, but now I just paint polish straight onto the sponge and it works quite well. Also, a tip: put tape around your nails so it’s easier to clean 🙂 I used a Konad yellow and The Face Shop purple. What do you think?




Gradient glitter nails

I’ve been fascinated with the gradient nails that go from darker to lighter. When I first saw them I honestly thought people had different nail polishes for each nail, I was in awe! But, looking back I realise how silly that is. I found this mani surprisingly easy, although it uses quite a lot of nail polish because you have to mix it. I started with a very dark purple (Sally Hansen – Xtreme Wear “Flirt”) and mixed more and more white with it. Then at the end I sponged on some glitter (black and silver to the two darker nails and silver and clear polish to the lighter nails). Topped off with an OPI top coat. 🙂 Here it is…



What do you think?



Real pressed flowers

Here in Korea there are such awesome nail art decorations online for about $1 (or in SA R7). I ordered some to play around with. I got these tiny, dried flowers, I thought they were really interesting. I only used about half of one circle of flowers (there were three in the pot that I got), so I’m really happy. They are so delicate and small though. It’s very difficult to put them on your nails though.

I used Korean polish, Konad gold and a deep red from Aritaum (Modi).

I’m going to use them again in a more colourful manicure, I’m not sure I’m a huge fan of the dark one. What do you think?



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Hand Painted Cherry Blossoms

I got a little bit carried away tonight, but I love the result. I was looking for something to spice up a french manicure (my favourite type of mani) and I decided to tackle the cherry blossom again. I can’t hold it in anymore, I’ve just got to show you:

I’ve tried it once in a very simplistic style, this time I did a bigger version. Here are some of the pics that I used as inspiration for the design:

I basically just used a small brush and used pink, white (Konad), purple, a tiny bit of yellow and a deep purple (The Face Shop). I started with french tips, painted the branches and added the flowers layer by layer.

I really like the result, what do you think?

Index Finger close-up

Middle finger close-up

Thumb close-up


Subtle pink mani

I was messing around with more dotting and some muted pinks. I added a bit of bling to make it a bit more edgy. I love the index finger, I tried to make a french manicure with small white, pink and gray dots. But, I think I may have ruined it with all the jewels. What do you think?

I used some Organic Farm pink and gray nail polish, nail art jewels and Konad white for this mani. I hope you like it!

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Going Dotty..

I bought a new blanket for winter, I’ve been staring at the dotty design and I went a bit loopy. So, I decided to try something different and colourful. I love dotting tools because you can honestly do anything with them. This design is really bright, and surprisingly simple to do. You could even experiment with different base coats, sizes of dots and different colour combinations. What do you think? Crazy or cute?