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It’s Movember Baby!!!

It’s that time of year again folks! That suspicious stubble chilling on your boyfriend/crush’s top lip just gets longer and longer, thicker and darker. Eventually, you have to think to yourself: “Something is going on here!”. And you would be right. It’s Movember baby!

I’m not sure about the rest of the world, but Movember is a pretty big deal in South Africa. I was looking at the website and it is so well done, I just had to do a mani! They’ve really gone all out this year making the website look grungy, masculine and funky. Really, it’s just full of wolves, snakes, lightning bolts, etc. Check out the international Movember website here. 

So all the men out there (not sure how many will be reading a nail art blog) pledge to grow your mustache this month to promote awareness for testicular cancer, prostate cancer and mental illness. It’s hard to believe that all the hairy faces this month are actually growing their ‘tashes for a cause. But what an awesome way to initiate conversation and increase awareness.

Here is my mani (you kind of have to see the website to understand, so check it out):



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Movember.. College Style

This month is Movember, which was always a huge deal at my old University, Rhodes University in South Africa. The guys all over campus always rocked the most outrageous mustaches. They also got quite creative and shaved handlebars and all sorts of shapes and styles. Even those guys who were, how can I phrase it, “hair follicle-ly challenged” attempted to grow some facial hair. So, this manicure is an ode to these men.

Also, remember it is for a good cause. It promotes awareness for cancer. If any men see this blog (highly unlikely) please try get involved. Or ladies encourage your boyfriends to get gross for a good cause this month. Here is a link with some more info: http://www.movember.com/.